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  • LED 6 Position switch video

    This is one of the new accessories we are offering for the 7.3L 6-Position Chip Continue reading

  • Switching from Smarty to EFI Live

    When upgrading injectors, turbo or CP3, it is important to have a custom tune so the computer understands the modification that has been made. Our customer, Matt had made several modifications to his truck. He had been running a Smarty programmer but had not been getting good mileage. We strapped the truck on the dyno to get the final word. Continue reading

  • Competition Excursion

    Even the best running trucks can gain performance when they are live tuned. Tim came to visit us for live tuning with his 7.3L Power Stroke Excursion. He was happy with the power he was making with the mail ordered custom tunes but was looking for some specific tuning tweaks such as shifting, acceleration, and making a broader horsepower range. Continue reading

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