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  • 6.4L Powerstroke truck upgrades

    These photos are the beginning stages of a 6.4L "cab-up repair" for a customer wanting to add reliability and horsepower:

  • Colt Cams 6.0L / 6.4L billet cams are back in stock

    One of the most sought-after camshafts in the market is finally available!  Colt Cams has billet drop in cams for the 6.0L and 6.4L Powerstroke engines back in stock now!

    We should have cams available for shipping May 2016 - please let us know if you are interested in making a pre-order.  
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  • Southern Hospitality 2015 Event Updates

    This is our second annual open house, and we hope you've cleared your schedule because this is one you don't want to miss! This family friendly day will be packed with food, fun, sales, and prizes! 


    • $50 Power Pulls all day starting at 8am
    • All vehicles welcome
    • 86" max wheel base, some duallys will need to pull one outer wheel (tools available)
    • Tires that are safe for the dyno: no dry rot, showing cords, slicks, or r-compound tires.

    Our prizes are listed and the details are all there.. See what you can win at our open house on Saturday March 28th! click here to buy now!



    Purchase any hardware that holds our custom tunes and receive free custom tunes. Customer must be present to purchase programmer at the open house event to take advantage of the free tunes.
    - 7.3 chips - 6 free tunes
    - SCT Programmers - 3 free tunes
    - EFI Live stock and modified trucks - 5 custom tunes
    - EFI Live off road / competition tunes - 2 free tunes


    *Raffle Tickets, $20  or $40

    Only one rule: You must be present to win! 

    Enter for a chance to win:
    - 7.3L Honey Badger JR HPOP
    - Brute 66 turbo or 6.0L stage 1 turbo
    - Stage 1 turbo for Cummins or Duramax
    - Full fuel system - 7.3L or 6.0L
    - Holder's 6.0L injectors - your choice of stock, 155cc, 175cc, 190cc / stock nozzle injectors
    - Autocal with tunes for Duramax or Cummins EFI Live supported vehicles
    - Grand prize will be a built transmission for Ford, Chevy or Dodge!


  • MA Transmission Cooler Line Repair Kit

    Merchant Automotive Transmission Cooler Line Repair Kit Installation guide.

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  • 6.7L ECM ‘Anti-Tuning’ Update


    If you are thinking about putting tunes on your 6.7L Cummins, you may find the following information helpful. This article pertains to the "Anti-Tuning" reflash that was used on many of the 6.7L ECMs that prevents a modified tune from being loaded.

    What does this mean to you?
    EFI Live tunes will not install on an operating system with the bootloader rev: 1000601. There are a few options for over-coming this obstacle. The most important thing to keep in mind is to get the programming installed FIRST before you attempt to install any modifications that will require a custom tune.
    To better understand the problem, let's see what EFI Live has to say about it: 

    "2009 6.7L ECM ‘Anti-Tuning’ Update
    On March 13, 2009 Dodge issued a TSB informing dealers of an ECM update that stops aftermarket tunes being flashed in to an ECM. If you search on the internet for ‘Dodge TSB 18-007-09’ you will probably find a copy of this document. Essentially what happens when you attempt to program a modified tune in to one of these ECM’s is the reflash will fail right at the end with an error code:

    Code $0340: Download Not Accepted

    At this point the engine will not start and the only way to get the engine running again is to reflash back the stock tune.

    It is possible to identify an ECM that has had this Anti-Tuning update installed once the tune is read. When you view the file details in EFILive V8, look at the ‘Bootloader Rev’ field. If the number is 1000601 the ECM has the Anti-Tuning update and therefore cannot be reflashed with a modified tune. If the number is 1000500, 1000502 or 1000503 then it will accept a modified tune. (See picture)


    If the ECM on a truck built earlier than March 2009 has been replaced by the dealer chances are it may have been fitted with one of these Anti-Tuning ECM’s."
    (This information was taken from Cummins ECM Reference Notes on

    What are my options? 
    This was not a problem with EFI Live's software, rather it was a feature the manufacturer started to include in their programming. One way people have been getting around the issue, is by using another type of programmer on the vehicle. Download any program using a downloader style programmer* into the computer, then return the vehicle to STOCK. The reason this works is because the "Stock" file that gets put back into the ECM is not the actual stock file from the factory, but another version of the stock file that is now able to be programmed with EFI Live.

    If you do this correctly, the programmer you use will be unlocked so it can be used on another vehicle and your vehicle can now be tuned with your EFI Live device. 

    *Smarty programmers and H&S programmers have been tested and work as a solution for this problem. Other programmer may work. 

  • Managing files on your AutoCal

    The purpose of this article is to provide direction on adding tunes to a blank AutoCal, updating tunes already on the AutoCal and/or pulling the stock file off that you have already read from the vehicle.
    Download and install the latest EFI Live V8 Software:

    It is a blue button labeled: "Download V8" on the page.

    Connect your AutoCal using the USB cable provided.
    Open EFI Explorer by clicking on the desktop shortcut created upon installation. If a shortcut did not appear, go to your Windows Icon and navigate to: ALL PROGRAMS -> EFI Live -> V8 -> EFI Explorer (The icon may appear on your desktop, if so, just click that.)Once the software is open, connect to the AutoCal by clicking the icon in the bottom right corner. (See pic)

    If you are adding or updating tunes, your new tune files will be sent in an email that you need to download individually and save to a convenient location such as your Desktop. Drag and drop the revised tune from the top right quadrant of the split window into  into the bottom right quadrant.   After the file transfer is complete, close the software and take the Autocal out to your vehicle and perform a FULL FLASH with the new file.If you are pulling the stock file that you have already read from the vehicle, click on the "Read" folder instead of the "Tune" folder. If the file was read properly, the file will appear in the  bottom right quadrant of the split window. Drag and drop the file to a convenient location such as your Desktop.  Email this file over to and your stock file will be kept in our database if you should ever need it.

  • Super Duty Full Fuel System Installation Guide

    THE NLTD SUPER DUTY Full Fuel System Installation guide.

    With sleek, black, braided lines and performance fittings, this kit will improve the look AND performance of your 7.3L engine.

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  • LED 6 Position switch video

    This is one of the new accessories we are offering for the 7.3L 6-Position Chip Continue reading

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